O3-1 explosive device

I just received a pic from a friend who asked what that device in the middle (brown bottle Aluminium part and green tube) (?) is.
Beeing not sure if this is ammo / ordonance related please advise.
Thanks in advance


This is ОЗ-1 , EOD

thanks for the quick answer.
If I understand you correctly it is an EOD device to destroy ordonance, i.e. mines?
So what I called a brown bottle is a hollow charge (similar) and the black “wings” on the bottom are some kind of sub ammunition?




Sorry my English so bad.

Great thanks,
explanation would be:
This is an explosive device, that should open up any hard surface i.e. frozen either to build trenches or open up fortifications for entering.

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It is a so-called “cratering charge” used to quickly create foxholes.

The brown bakelite part (#4) contains a shaped charge. The long rod on top (#2) holds a rocket motor and a HE charge.
The shaped charge is set off and shoots a hole info the ground, then the long rod is driven into it by the rocket engine and after it got fired into the ground it explodes and clears a manhole.


Alex, thank a lot for the explanation, which takes away my confusion.

Jochem, nice, usually I am the one causing confusion!