OATH Ammunition imploding


I have been following, collecting, and writing about OATH Ammunition out of Florida for the past year, and now all of the sudden, coming on the heels of their much vaunted 12ga “Tango” expanding solid copper slug and “max cavitator” bullet release to market - they seem to be imploding with legal issues. I had recently noticed that sometime in just the past 3 weeks that all of their solid brass monolithic .308 projectiles have disappeared from their website, and every other online retailer who offered them. That is very fast in internet terms. My assumption was an issue with the BATFE in so far as their loose enforcement interpretation when it comes to harder-than-copper solid projectiles in .224 & .308 with regard to the 1986 federal pistol caliber Armor Piercing law (they have enforced against these calibers of solid brass bullets before).

In looking up info on this I see that on OATH’s Facebook page (which seems abandoned for around a month) that there are several former employees chiming in with complaints about a mass-firing, the proprietor being investigated for some sort of mortgage scam, and various other problems at the factory.


Yikes. Doesn’t sound good. -Ger


I’ve had little contact with OATH during the last 6 months.
There were in the process of moving their manufacturing operations from Merritt Island, Florida to Rockledge, Florida the last time I visited their new facility.
The owner told me that they would have three times the laths in operation with in a month.
As to the Armor Piercing Bullet Ban: Bronze was specifically mentioned and banned, but Brass was not.
Many companies make solid brass projectiles.
I’ll see what I can find out.


Gregg, in terms of the solid brass projectiles, there might seem to be several, but it is mostly Barnes and a few others doing hunting rifle calibers larger than .30, with nothing being made in the .224 or .308 department (to say nothing of pistol calibers). This is due to the dust-up which Elite Ammunition had in 2011 with the ATF about 5.7x28 ammo loaded with Barnes banded solid .224 brass spitzer bullets. The ATF Technology branch went ahead and declared these 5.7 loads to be armor piercing per the 1986 federal law restricting pistol AP manufacture & importation, and thus manufacturing would require an FFL-10 / 11, which Elite was not interested in pursuing (nobody is for this sort of scale of manufacture). Barnes went so far as to stop manufacturing their lines of .22 and .30 cal brass solids because of this. ATF also dictated that .30 caliber and 6.8 brass projectiles would fall under the ban, which seems absurd but the law has included .308 and 7.62x39 calibers with projectiles or full projectile cores harder than copper as examples in the Federal Firearms Regulation Reference Guide for a long time. There have been just a few U.S. manufacturers of this sort who have tried .224 or .30 cal solid brass since the whole Elite Ammo / Barnes brass projectile kerfuffle, and each time they have been told to stop producing solid brass .308 or .224 projectiles, unless they get the propper FFL license. Examples include Cutting Edge Bullets, G9 Bullets, Hammer bullets, etc… None of them knew they were running afoul of any recent legal interpretation, and why would they - none got in any real trouble.


I am very dissapointed with OATH. I made an order in April; 200 170gr .308" brass solids, one box of the aluminum cased blackout subs & a box of the tango shotgun rounds.

Earlier this month I finally recieved a package. In it was 200 180gr .308" copper solids, spilled everywhere within the package. The box of blackout subs was destroyed & no tango rounds… I sent them an e-mail several weeks ago & have yet to get a reply…

Lets just say that was no cheap order, for a workin’ stiff such as myself. I won’t be making that mistake again & I reeeeally wanted some of the brass max cavitators.



Looks like OATH Ammunition is finally gone. I recently noticed that their website and facebook pages have disappeared, and online retailers are all but out of everything from them, except a bit of the solid copper HALO loads here & there. None of their signature capped SCHP “Tango” ammo can be found anywhere. The last time I was on the OATH website several months ago I did notice that their prices had jumped by A LOT, such as $80 for a box of the aluminum cased .300 Blackout, which was typically $20-something.

The only headstamps they ended up doing were the aluminum cased .300BLK and the brass .25acp. There was supposed to be a brass cased OATH .300 BLK headstamp as well, but I never ended up seeing one.


I’m glad I picked one of those Aluminum cased .300s up when I did. Twenty down, twenty million to go?


I found out what happened to Operators American Tactical Hardware, “oath” they were shut down for employee safety hazards. See attached pics from department of labor.

!also here is a business status report from another online source showing when the company officially closed. I am not sure for the exact reasons of which the company had to close rather than fixing the issues and continuing business. From these online forms it appears as if an employee possibly filed a complaint about safety hazards which began the down hill slide for this company. Hope this helps bring some closer for some of you. It also appears a number of customers who ordered at the end of December 2016 and January 2017 did not receive orders and were told they would be refunded instead. I have additional images but it will not allow me to upload more than 1.


Interesting, in that the OATH website was still up as recently as a month or two ago, with many of their prices having gone way up. The website is down now, and most all of their entire catalog is unavailable online except for a few random things from a few retail websites.


They didn’t shut down until 9/22/17 according to a local business report


Haha that’d be just my luck! I got what sounds like what will become a rarer headstamp & I’m not a headstamp collector… win some lose some I guess.



P.S. I never got a refund, or even an e-mail back… I hope the owner catches a train with his teeth. I don’t take kindly to being ripped off.