Oath, Lehigh, Polycase, G2 RIP, ASYM, TNQ & Other headstamps

Both Oath and Lehigh have put their own headstamps on their 300 Blackout rounds. Does anyone know if they have put their headstamp on their pistol rounds, particularly 9x19mm?

Polycase had their headstamp on their original plastic case 380 ammunition, but all subsequent ammo has had various headstamps (including the Truelove & Maclean “9x19mm” generic headstamp) as far as I know. Has anyone seen more recent Polycase headstamps?

G2 RIP has used a variety of headstamps on their ammo, but as far as I know, none of it identified their company. Has anyone seen a G2 RIP headstamp on any of their ammunition?

ASYM and Wilson have both had their headstamp on 45ACP for some years, and both have told me they would shortly have it on 9mmP. Has anyseen 9mm ASYM or Wilson loads?

I have seen TNQ (Team Never Quit) headstamped brass, but the only loaded rounds I have seen have Starline headstamps.

Fort Scott Munitions makes some interesting rounds, but I have only seen them use Starline brass. Has anyone a Fort Scott Munitions headstamp?

Another is TSD Combat Systems (One Source Tactical) also uses Starline generic headstamped cases. Has anyone seen their headstamp on 9mm, or any other caliber?

Any help appreciated.


Polycase = RUGER with the APX bullet

Thanks Pete! I haven’t seen the RUGER headstamp yet!!!


I had thought that the TSD ammo was loaded by Cor-Bon, and was basically just Cor Bon DPX ammo, so it might appear in those TSD boxes with Cor-Bon headstamps as well, unless One-Source Tactical (Suarez) wanted them to use Starline to seem like a generic component of “their own product”.

I have only seen Starline headstamps on the 9mm Velocity Tactics “Fort Defense” ammo, but I did receive +P headstamps on one lot I ordered from them (or Clark Armory - wherever it came from). I spoke with someone at Velocity Tactics about that, and he said it was not intentional.

I have seen the Wilson headstamp on .38 Super and .45acp, and have been meaning to do an order for some 9mm, .40S&W, and 10mm to see if they have Wilson headstamps - but their ammo is so expensive, I just keep putting it off.

You can see the Ruger headstamps here, at the bottom of the thread: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15909&hilit=ruger&start=15

Matt, The TSD was loaded by Corbon. I bought my box some months ago and wondered if they had their own headstamp.

Velocity Tactics also makes 300 Blackout and 45 ACP. Are both of these also in Starline Generic Cases? My 9mm are in Starline generic +p cases. I have not bought from Clark Armory before. Nice line of products.



Lew I have a TNQ headstamp in 9mm Luger…
Oath I have a .O. on ,25 ACP and headstamp OATH 45 ACP so they do have on pistol rounds.
If you want a pic email me…


I hope if someone finds a source in the US for these headstamps, they will post it here. To keep up at all with all these new markings we really need a nation-wide network.

Lew - the other Velocity Tactics’ calibers headstamps that I have are:

.380acp = Starline

.45acp = Starline

.223 = Winchester

.300BLK = JAG

Curtis, Would you please post the TNQ headstamp and the cartridge! I wonder if the load is someone loading their brass or if it is a TNQ load.

Do you have the box for this cartridge?


Lew I have been trying but every time I go to photobucket it says it is down for maintenance. I have the TNQ headstamp but not the box. I have emailed you a copy of the headstamp for now.