Obama and the federal ammo ban

This separate thread (from the NY law thread) is to address the proposed actions mentioned by President Obama on Jan 16th, which he seeks to force through executive order somehow or have congress enact.

As far as I can tell at the moment, the only ammunition-related legislation mentioned by Obama was a proposed ban on “armor piercing bullets” in terms of importation and possession. (third paragraph in article link below):

This argument is a tired old one that has been championed by the likes of: Chuck Schumer, Daniel Patrick Moynehan, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Mario Biaggi, Dianne Feinstein, etc… and their definitions of what types of bullets are included have always started out as vague and wide-reaching. It is not clear if he means rifle or pistol caliber or both, but one can assume he means both, since pistol-caliber is already covered as far as importation, but rifle caliber (especially 5.56 M855) is not and has previously been specifically exempted by the BATFE. 30-06 AP (black tip) would also supposedly be included with this proposal.

These ramblings usually always come up short of an outright possession ban since there is already the 1986 law in effect which would have to be re-written or amended by congress in order to avoid conflict between this law and another new law which could walk on each other. Some states like CA, IL, TX, KY, and NJ have laws regarding possession of pistol-caliber AP bullets, and several others have language regarding laws about these bullets, but most of those states have laws banning only Teflon-coated bullets such as KTW, or else the laws are redundant and only apply to criminals apprehended with such ammo in their possession during the commission of a crime.

I would not count this threat out though since the climate is so ripe to make it difficult for any conservative to stand in front of a camera and defend such projectiles.

We’ll wait & see… Hopefully this is just hot air and a usual long-shot being taken so as to guarantee some sort of anti-gun victory for Obama.

The 23 Executive Orders issued by the POTUS were a big non-event. Mostly for show. The only two that may get some attention are not a concern of cartridge collectors and/or gun owners but, rather the ACLU. They are numbers 16 and 17 that seem to give doctors and other health care providers free reign to report patients to law enforcement if they (patients) have guns in their houses or appear to be threats. I’m not necessarily against either of these two but the ACLU would be hypocrites if they simply ignore them. We’ll see.