O'Brien prize

In memory of my friend Jim O’Brien I pledge the first $100 for a prize to be awarded by the IAA for the best article of the year reflecting the increase of knowledge in the field of artillery ammunition.

That is a really nice idea and I think it really honors Jim allot! It would be great if the IAA did have yearly awards (does not have to be monitory) to honor the legends that came before us as well as their contributions to the hobby.

Their is a Jewish Temple in the Florida Keys (the only one) my Grandfather started many years ago and they established the “Joel Cohen Humanitarian Award” that is given out once a year to a member who exhibits extreme humanitarian kindness each year helping others. Their is no money, just a small plaque and a write-up in their monthly newsletter. It is a nice way to both honor and keep the memories active of someone the community highly respected and still does. My Grandfather passed a while ago and we all love hearing his name mentioned each year his award is given out. It makes all who knew him think of him and be reminded by his incredible kindness and good heart. I am sure Jim’s yearly award would have the same effect.

I wish I had the opportunity to know Jim better then I did. The few times I interacted with him I was always amazed. He was always very helpful and so incredibly knowledgeable. He was a major large bore GURU and will be missed big time by many

I really like your idea of honoring him and others. It is also a great way of letting newbies into the field (myself included) who may not have know or heard of some of these important people in our hobby. Every-time I read about men like Jim in the IAA Journal that have passed, I am enlightened and wish I knew them better. I am thankful that the Journal makes mention of these great people, explaining their contributions.

PS: Your idea also may help new writers put pen to paper, thus increasing IAA awareness and the over all quality of our awesome Journal.

James O’Brien was brother. I was with him the last week of his life. His ordnance collection was incredible. Collecting was a life-time passion - and he took immense pride in helping other collectors in any way possible.

I also pledge $100 in memory of Jim for this prize. He would be very touched.

For those of you who did not know Jim you might have a look at the text of his last email to me:


I just got out of the hospital after two weeks. I have terminal cancer, but will try and answer your questions as soon as I am able. "

Anyone need more information about dignity ?

Great man for sure! I also pledge $100 in his honor.


I applaud your desire to establish an O

Thank you Lew for explaining the proper procedure. I say we go for it and make a formal Jim award in his honor if possible.


Who is the current research committe head ?

As Lew Mentioned, the current Reserach Committee Head is Paul Smith, in Canada.

Thanks .