Obsolete Primers

I have a few boxes of Western #7 primers; Winchester #4 primers and Remington 49-1379 primers. what are they for? are they useful to anyone?

Welcome Larry
Some of us collect them, here are two different styles of Western No 7’s & I have two other variations of each of these. Seems primer packets go on forever. They look to be small rifle size.
I think your Remington primers designation is a lot number and not a a type of primer. The label should say for what it is for, what color is the label?
The Winchester No. 4 are for shot gun shells.

the remington boxes are roughly the same color as the bottom Western box in your photos. buff colored, with red printing. It says " Remington Primer No. 49-1379 For .38 Cartridge.

the western boxes are like the one in your upper picture. yellow, blue and red.

I’d like to get rid of these. I live in SE Michigan. Do you know anyone I could give them to?

Hi Larry
The Remington is for the .38 Special revolver & it’s a military contract box.
I’ll tell a couple of folks to contact you if they are interested.
OR you may get someone reading this to express interest?