Obtaining Form 6 for importing ammo into the US

I am having a bit of problem with an import permit. Bottom line is that the ATF is actually running 9 weeks or so to process a Form 6 due to some manning problems.

Eform 6s submitted on line are suppose to be processed much quicker, but it requires that validated manufacturers be entered in the system. It seems that many manufacturers are entered, but they are entered for certain types of ammunition and some have no types listed. I tried to enter these in the comments, but the eForm will not allow the process to be completed until all the entries are correct. I have just spent about 3 hours working with it with no success.

Has anyone used the Eform 6 for ammunition import before? I could use some pointers.


Good luck. They get paid the same whether anything gets done or not. And, if nothing gets done, they obviously need to hire more people.

I submitted my application by mail on 6-24-13. I did not receive my permit as of 8-5-13 so I call number on application.
A receptionist transferred me to a very nice BATF employee who found my application and said they would process so I would receive it before date needed in September.
3 weeks later, I received the permit on 8-23-13
I was told that it is taking 6 weeks just to get paperwork in system and an additional 8 weeks to process.
In the future, I will apply for permit 4 months in advance.
If you need more info to make a call, pm me.
Bob R.

Are you guys referring to bringing ammo into the country yourself on an airplane, or having it shipped to you?

I have been starting to research the possibility of having ammo shipped to an FFL from Europe and am looking for tips. The language on the ATF website is difficult to interpret.


Dave, If you find a way, please let me know. I have not looked at this in about 8 years, but I had a total failure. I found someone in the US with an import/export permit for guns and ammunition, and someone in Europe with an import/export permit for ammunition, but I never could find a method of transporting the ammo. Unless you are buying a container full, you had to ship on a 'break-bulk" ship and these typically made a number of stops in various countries, and transit permits would be required in each. There are airl transport companies that will ship a full plane of ammo, and I talked to a number of them, but none of the air transport carriers like UPS or DHL or Fed Ex or others that I checked would carry small arms ammo. I worked for about 5 or 6 years on this off and on and finally gave up. I had hoped to set up something to simplify trading or buying back and forth between the US and Europe. No luck.

Good Luck,