O'Connor steelheads


Got these at the Denver,PA show. Left is .30-06, right is 300 Weatherby Mag (I was told). Luckily for me, Chris Punnett was standing a couple of feet away, and when I asked him about this unknown to me thing, he grabbed a book of someone’s table (with his name on it) and opened p.274 which described O’Connor Co. and its history. Thank you very much.



Both of the O’Connor cases came as basic, unformed, brass. If you search, you’ll find that we have discussed these, and others, on the Forum, more than once as I remember.

The one on the right is not a 300 WBY, by the way.

Who is Chris Punnett??



O’Connor basic cases on left and a couple of earlier examples made by wildcatters using WW II steel cases.