Odd .303 ID

Just got this .303 round at Williamsport.
CN (non-mag) jacket, brass case, copper primer, two stake crimps on the neck. The nail-like bit at the bullet tip is magnetic. The headstamp is K C II. Please pardon the pics, but I really did try! I have looked in all my books concerning .303, looking for some kind of early OBS, INC, or HE loading. Unfortunately I do not have the L&M .303 book. Any help?


There’s Tony Edwards site: sites.google.com/site/britmilammo/-303-inch

FWIW, I hate to say it but it looks like someone’s workshop special, possibly a nail stuck in the nose of a Mark II Special bullet.


Always possible, but the price was low and the pedigree was good.
Here’s a better pic:

Please excuse the hair…sorry, not mine!

Jon, it doesn’t look like any of the documented explosive loadings but in any case the headstamp is too early to consider this possibility. Also, it is not a Holland’s “pegged” sporting bullet either, but it looks to me like something handmade that was based on this design. Regards, Fede.

Having a better image helps. It doesn’t look like something made in recent years and the “insert” doesn’t have the look of a newer nail, so I can see how this might be something to investigate.


Hi Jon
The nails on the early H&H Peg points were somewhat hand made with square shanks.
Here is a photo of two in profile & as can be seen the ‘rims’ are quite different & with the ‘nipple’ on the head of the one you show marking it as machine made.

I was absentmindedly playing with the round a few minutes ago, and to my horror, the “nail” bit came out. Below is a pic of the projo with the nail bit in the background. Please ignore the table scratches.

Just got a learned message from the UK identifying the round as a legit “Holland and Holland patent “Nail” bullet”. I’ve searched in my military sources, not to fixed to research commercial ammo.