Odd 4-stake primer crimp on new retail ammo

In another recent thread, I had described the TB Ammo “Quadra-shock” frangible loads in 9mm. I also received some .300 Blackout which was loaded on generic JAG cases, but I just noticed that they have a 4-stake crimp which seems unusual and excessive as far as retail civilian ammo goes. I am assuming that these were loaded by ICC since the projectiles are theirs and was just wondering why they would bother. I checked every single other .300 BLK and .300 Whisper load I have, and only a Thun .300 W case, and then a Prime case (RWS made) have primer crimps, but only the typical 3 on those. My only other comment is that the orientation of the 4-stake crimps is not consistent on these JAG cases.