Odd .45 Calibre projectile


Hi, I got this projectile in a carrier bag full of odd fired cases and projectiles (all identified, nothing rare). It is made of lead, and has a line where it was cast. It is 21.3mm (0.83") long, and has a diameter of 11.42mm (0.45" Exactly). It has 3 deep slanted grooves running along the body (the last one of these has traces of a dark greenish, wax-like lubricant). The base has a steep, cone-shaped indent 7.2mm (0.29") deep. Is this a projectile intended for a cartridge, or a muzzle-loaded projectile? See picture below: (Sorry about the dark photo).

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Falcon, please review the photo posting FAQ. Toward the bottom, you’ll see a section about size and photo editing software. I edited this one for you. Unfortunately the original was somewhat fuzzy, likely because of the lighting when it was taken, but this should still help:



You have a bullet that was cast from a modern Lee Precision bullet mold, Lee part number 445-290-M.
It should be .445 in diameter and weigh 290 grains.
It is intended for use in 45 caliber muzzle loading rifles.


Thanks - that cleared that one up. There isn’t many muzzle loaders in the UK, so I wonder why someone would need a die to cast the bullets - they obviously used alot. Your location says Central Florida - Have you ever shot at Trail Glades range just outside Miami? I shot there on a visit to Florida last Christmas. I picked up alot of cases, but posted them back as I didn’t want to take them on the plane.


I grew up down in the Miami area, and shot out at Trail Glades a lot until we moved from the Miami area up to Merritt Island in the late 1970’s.
I still live on Merritt Island, just South of the Kennedy Space Center.
I have a number of friends who shoot muzzleloaders in England.
I was big into muzzleloading back in the 1970’s, but now I’m into big bore black powder catridge rifles, like Martini’s and Sharps rifles.


That is odd, I though muzzle loaders were basically un heard of in England.


I don’t think the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain would enjoy being described as “unheard of”.

They are a very thriving group of shooters with a large club house at Bisley and regular matches and competitions. They also host regular exhibitions and fairs at the various big Bisley meetings.

A lot of people swirched to BP pisto;s after the ban.



I knew there were a few muzzle loaders, but never thought it had that much of a following. Am I right in thinking that it is illegal to hunt with a muzzle loader in the UK?


Sorry, cannot really help with that as I don’t hunt. I suspect it would be illegal but I don’t know what the calibre, ME, MV requirements are.