Odd 5.56 rounds

These rds have a bullet with a hard rubber-like tip, which is flat on top. The tip is black and numbers are etched onto the top, flat portion. (8 on one, 58 on the other). The headstamp is; HP 5.56 .223. The primer is crimped in at 3 pts and sealed but has the letters CF on it. I assume these are military rds but made by whom and for what? Black indicated AP but black rubber?

Those are ‘Short Range’ rounds made by Hirtenberger of Austria. The bullet has a plastic core that extends all the way down into the bullet jacket, which is copper-plated steel. I seem to recall that the bullet weight was either 19grs or 29grs. I can’t recall which.
It was imported in the mid to late nineties and I picked up a decent amount back then. Now it has become a bit of a collectors item I think.
Also, it is the only SRTA type round I have fired that would actually cycle the action on my AR-15s.


Correct ID on the Hirtenberger rounds (these recently appeared on an auction site as ‘shortrange Vietnam countersniper rounds’ or some such thing).

FYI I have never had these rounds properly cycle any semiauto rifle (tried them in a Mini-14, 2 AR-pattern weapons and --!good old days!-- a Galil…bad luck I s’pose).

They are considerably more powerful than other SRTA-type rounds I’ve used. Shot at a steel target from about 15yds, the bullets actually stuck about 0.15" into the metal. Definitely not like the Winchester or DAG/RUAG synthetic-bullet cartridges.

Also, black ‘may’ indicate AP. Some manufacturers (IMI for instance) may use a color to ID a certain bullet weight, even with possible differing velocity or terminal performance. Example: IMI 115gr UZI Carbine, 115gr blacktip FMJ @ 1230fps from a Glock 19, vs. IMI 115gr Samson 115gr blacktip FMJ +p commercial ammo @ 1185 from the same weapon).

Funny, I’ve just received some cartridges almost identical to these today. However, mine have an additional cilindrical projection on the tip and they have copper instead of copper plated steel jackets. Headstamp, primer annulus, primer stabbing and primer inscription are identical.

box label

headstamp HP .223 5,56

I have three examples of this Austrian SRTA load, all similar but slightly different.
I know nothing about the first but I believe the other two differ in that one is for automatic weapons and the other is for manually operated weapons. Which is which? I have no idea…

does anyone know the ballistics of these rounds ?

If I can dig them up, I’ll gladly ship some samples of these rounds to anyone who can run them on a chronograph and post the results. For that matter I have a lot of rounds I’d like chronied.

I have a chronograph, but my schedule is very busy. I spend a majority of my formal range time teaching currently, and don’t have a suitable place to set up a chrony table on my property.

I have seen these black tip SRTA 5.56x45 cartridges (which are little known outside the collector community) being sold on AA & GB and being labeled as things like “CIA secret sniper ammo”, “Vietnam sniper ammo”, “Secret AP sniper ammo”, and other ridiculous things. Must have been nice for anyone who unfortunately purchased one to receive it, and find out that the tip is hard rubber.

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