Odd 5.56 tip colors


In a recently published gun magazine (I forget the name), there was an article about the new Heckler and Koch belt-fed 5.45x45mm caliber machinegun that is comparable to the FN Minimi or US M-249. What struck me as I was leafing through it was the belted ammunition in the pictures had red, black, white and purple tip colors in addition to unmarked projectiles. Anyone know what this ammunition is? I’ve never seen belted 5.56 so colorful!



AKMS, you mean the MG4.


As for the ammo: certainly no German service ammunition.


Purple is the XM996 Dim Tracer
Red is regular tracer
Black is the M995 AP


Yes, but what about the white tip and why mix all the types in one belt, especially the two different tracer types?

The projectile profiles looked like M-193 ball, so I suspect someone painted the tips for photographic effect.

I’ll have to look for the magazine again when I am at the store next.



AKMS, any chance you can show us the image in question?