Odd 6.5mm Carcano

This round is a mystery to me. The bullet is a hollow GM (non-magnetic) jacket with an open tip. The case neck is cracked so I went ahead and pulled the bullet. Does anyone know what it is? A gallery round?

Just an un-educated guess, could it be one of the post-war Carcano hunting reloads which missed lead “feeding” and stayed hollow?

I think it is a reload.There is not any official military 6,5 carcano with that bullet.
The powder is not the typical one used in carcano cartridges of that period too
Gallery loads are very different to this one

Finally,the bullet is not a military one,so it hadn’t been modified to become an hunting-type one.You should check bullet diam.If it is .264-265" is undoubtely a civilian bullet.

The bullet is .264

Military carcano ammo was loaded with .267-8" bullets.
So your bullet is not an italian military one


Thanks for the informations guys.

I’d like to thank you very much for the e-mail with the bullet types, very informative.

I was going over the list of 6.5MM Carcano bullets that you sent me and I have one that I

It is between frangible and multi-ball.Actually it is made of small pieces of lead that separate when it is fired.

It was used as “guard load” by police.A similar 10,4 x 47 vetterli load is also known,altough in that case the case neck is longer covering the pieces of lead.

The commonly called “Guard” or “Riot” m91/95 cartridge (Ist Type).

The projectile is 47mm long (almost as long as the case), and consists of a column of hemi-cylindrical lead pieces, stacked together, in a thin walled brass jacket, with is cut longitudinally.The Point is formed by a “bullet shaped” lead pellet with its own Jacket, sometimes “soft Pointed”.

The idea was that on firing, the jacket would shred on the rifling and unwind as it exited the muzzle, creating a “Grapeshot” effect (or “shotgun” effect)

“Mitraglia” (French Mitraille) is the Italian name for Grapeshot ( British Navy) or “Canister” ( British Army). From Mitraglia comes the Italian Mitragliatrice (“MG” and of course, the similar French “Mitrailleuse” used both for Volley guns, and later Self-acting MGs.

Despite several " questionable" references, the “Cartuccia a Mitraglia” was never used as a MG cartridge.

More often than not, it was used in Cav Carbines M91, by the Carabinieri, Cavalry and other Mounted Public Order troopers.

The cartridge was employed for Guard duty around Barracks, and in putting down Popular uprisings and riots (First used in the Labour Riots in Milan, 1898.).
Several types of “bullet” construction are to be found, due to improvements in the “dispersal” effect of the Pellets. Effective range up to 50 metres or so, depending on clothing worn by targets.

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

Yeah,canister.I didn’t know the exact english word.In fact it is not a frangible nor a multiball one.I can say that it contains small pieces of lead in a metallic sabot.In one word:a canister