Odd 7.62X51


I have a strange 7.62X51 in my odds and ends box that I have never seen elsewhere. It is headstamped LC 70 with the NATO circle-cross. The bullet appears to be a black plastic sabot, which clearly has four sections (or petals). Above the case mouth, it has a cylindrical body about 9mm long and a conical nose. You can see a pinhead size metal core showing at the flat bullet tip. I’ve had it for a long time, but do not remember its source. It is clearly an original LC load, at least it shows no signs of being reloaded. So what is it?

I do remember reading that at one time there were some saboted DU-core bullets made up in 7.62X51. Could this be one of them?


A pic would confirm, but that does sound like a DU.


Sure sounds like a DU load to me. If it is, you have found an excellent round in your odds & ends box.



If in fact it is a DU round (and if Lew thinks it is, it probably is) what does the core or penetrator inside the sabot look like? Any information about ballistics and history/use? Seems as though the projectile mass must be fairly light (total weight of sabot round is about 307 grains, vs. 376 grains for an M80 round), so I’d infer it’s probably a thin flechette-like penetrator driven at a high velocity for better penetration. I’m surprised that something like this would have existed in 1970.


I checked my 7.62 NATO DU load and the headstamp is (NATO) LC 70 just like your’s so I’m pretty confident you have the DU load. This item has been around long enough that Paul Smith has probably cut one apart. Perhaps he will post a photo of it here.




The proper name was DUDS: Depleted Uranium Discarding Sabot.


That might actually be one that Paul has not sectioned, as DU dust can be extremely “problematic”.


I’ve attached a picture of the possible 7.62X51 DU round (right) along with a couple of other 7.62mm rounds from my odds and ends box. On the left is the SNC/Simunition (now GD) SRTA (Short Range Training Ammunition) with headstamp IVI 99, and in the middle is a special lead-free 7.62X51 round that Remington loaded for me in 2002 for testing in the M240B, with headstamp R-P .308 WIN. It has a moly-coated Barnes all-copper bullet.


There is further information and pictures on the old forum at

viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1939&hilit or search using DUDS

Brandt et al. (The Military Cartridges Caliber 7.62x51mm NATO - their development and variants) show a schematic of the bullet and give the total bullet weight as 72.4gr with the core weighing 56.6gr. There is also a photo of the sectioned round.




Now that’s the kind of “odds and ends” box to be having! Please share any other interesting items…

NATO Dave,

Thanks for the old Forum link. Very good information.

Didn’t seem to be blue so here is the direct link for ease of clicking: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1939