Odd 7.92 Label?

A gentleman on another site posted this box label. Any info appreciated.

This is a pretty standard repacked-ammunition label. It only means that they didn’t know the loading lot manufacturing information. Remember, the headstamp lot is only the case-manufacture lot, not the loading lot. “Vollwertig” means several things, but I am inclined to believe, and as you know, with my poor German-language knowledge, I could be very wrong, that a good English translation would be “Standard” or “Normal” quality, meaning the ammo is not inferior quality in any way, despite the lack of manufacturing information.

I don’t think these labels are rare or especially unusual. I have seen lots of them. There are variations in wording and format for these repack labels, but most of them mean pretty much the same thing.

John Moss

Thanks, John.

In this case " vollwertig " means in Englisch " full functional ".

Regards 451kr.

451K - thank you. Perhaps that is a better translation, even though functionality has to do with quality.

John Moss