Odd 7.92x57s Ex-Israel


I got both of these 7.92s on a trade with the Israel Army Museum.

Left-Looks like an original loading, GM, 13mm of bullet showing, brass case and primer, green annulus, 70.70mm O/A length, Czech headstamp.
Any idea what loading this could be?

Right-Dummy, GM, 2 case holes. I found this in a “Davidka” mortar round that was adapted to send supplies to beseiged defenders in Jerusalem. Does anyone have the same, or an earlier headstamp on an Israeli 7.92?


John - unfortunately, other than the year 49, I can’t read the Roman Numeral (month-date) on your cartridge. Of course, the date on the Czech headstamp is common, although not with that odd projectile which I have not seen before. My earliest date on a ball round of Israeli-manufactured 7.9 is IX-19 (September 1949). The ball round this early have a brass primer cup with a very dark seal - I can’t honestl tell if it is black or simply an extremely dark blue or dark purple. It is very poorly applied, actuall being one big splotch slight off-center on the cup, and not sealing the primer around the edges at all. My earliest Standard Israeli dummy round is from 1950.


Your eyes are fine, John, those side fields are blank, no lot codes at all.