Odd 9x19mm headstamp

I tried searching for this in previous posts, but the subject is too vague, and I couldn’t find anything. This came to me in a lot of 500 loose-packed 9mm rds with 80gr lead-free fmj copper-jacket bullets. All of the headstamps were the one shown below - all new brass. I am almost certain that these are from Fedarm, and are the jacketed version of the same type of ammo discussed here in a recent thread: https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/9mm-headstamps-in-natmil-fedarm-alloy-bulk-lots/16610/1. These jacketed bullets have the same type of silver metal under the jacket that the unjacketed bullets in that other thread show. This same projectile type was sold recently by the same Gunbroker seller (Shore Tactical), but only in 1000rd lots of loaded 9mm, and USAC is the only seller I can find online that seems to offer this same type of Fedarm lead-free ammo. The headstamp is a weak-struck: 9x19mm and I have never seen anything like it, as far as being a more generic version of another headstamp, but without the manufacturer stamped at 12-o’clock. I almost wonder if there is some new headstamping technology where rapid laser etching is used on a high-speed machine, and I wondered this about the new headstamps from OATH Ammo as well, which look weak and/or engraved? The case is non-ferrous, and weighs roughly the same grain-weight as any other NUPE 9mm brass case. It is boxer-primed.

Everything else I have seen previously from Fedarm / Natmil has been mixed headstamp reloaded brass.

I noticed the base of the rim seems very sharply beveled, more so than any other new 9x19 case I could find laying around:

Here is the retail listing from USAC:


Hi Matt, this case was made by Truelove & Maclean, Inc. of Watertown, Connecticut. There seems to be several variations differing in letter size and spacing.

More information here: trueloveandmaclean.com/components/



Fede - Just curious. How did you identify this headstamp as being T&M? I checked the website you mentioned, and while it does mention making .390 and 9 mm cases (so far), crusing the entire site I found nothing else about their case manufacturing, including no pictures of headstamps.

Thanks Fede, I thought it seemed familiar. It was this thread, and a variation on the headstamp is shown: https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/new-us-case-manufacturer/15228/1

I had forgotten that thread, probably since in my current state, I found the discussion of Amaretto more interesting. :-)

Fede - no need to reply to my question, for my sake, anyway. DK’s remembrance of the older thread answers my question.

Thanks to all. I have this headstamp with a very blunt ogive bullet that appears to be made out of some sort of compressed copper material. Not a normal GM jacket at all. I am not sure if it is a frangible load, or something else. Anyone Know for sure?

I noticed today that this same lead-free 9mm load offered by USAC now has packaging and a brand associated with it. It is billed as being loaded by US Armory Corps, which is USAC, as if they are the manufacturer. I doubt this, and still believe it is loaded by FEDARM as a private-label sort of thing for USAC, or at least USAC is using FEDARM bullets.


The photo also shows .380, but the website only lists 9mm in this type, and so the line may be expanding soon.

DK, I just made an order. When it comes in I will post the headstamp.