Odd 9x53mmR Loading, Legitimate or Fantisy (Fake)

From the Facebook group site Cartridge and Ordnance Curio & Relic Collectors a member, Brendan Turner, posted photos of various cartridges he had just obtained for his collection. One photo showed various 7.62x45mm rounds and a 9x53mmR cartridge with an odd bullet for that cartridge, very similar to or an actual 9x18mm Mak bullet. The photo is shown below and the 9x53mmR cartridge is on the right, outlined in a blue rectangle:

I posted a question asking about the odd 9x53mmR and one person replied it was a fake while others implied it might be experimental.

Does anyone know anything about this 9x53mmR cartridge loading? Fake or legitimate?



9x53R is a recognised sporting cartridge in Finland, and in Russia as the 9mm Medved ( “Bear”).
I remember there being advertised back in the 70s a 5 shot selfloader from Russia in 9mm (9×54R, as known in USSR).
Whether any loads with a Pistol Bullet size are actually produced for short range Practice ( Bears are usually a Short Range Target)
is a question for Finn Ammo Catalogues ( Lapua, SAKO, etc) and the rare catalogues from USSR sporting firearms makers
( Baikal, etc).
The Finns also had 6,5x53R, 7x53R, and 8x53R, as well as the 9x53R for sporting use.


Although it should be noted that there appears to be a slight gap between the red lacquer case mouth seal on the bullet and the actual case mouth, so although the case may be correct, it looks like a 9mm Makarov bullet might have been used as a ‘filler’ bullet, not original to the case.

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In my view a stuffer.

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The Finns used 9.3x53R which is different from the Russian one. And it was a hunting cartridge primarily, I own a Sako in this cartridge as well as some various boxes and examples of factory cartridges.

The other cartridges were designated 6.3x53R and 8.2x53R, not 6.5 and 8.

The 6.5x54R was Russian, for the Vostok biathlon rifles.


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I can’t for sure answer the question of whether this is a fake/stuffer or not (although it does look like one) but I can point out that there are other examples of this (see below):

Comparison of 9.3x53R Finnish (top) and various 9x53R Russian show they are similar but not identical. No hs example prob SV4.

The bottom example was from a US Auction a couple of years ago. It would be interesting to see if the example shown at the beginning of this thread had the same “188 83” (or poss ‘85’) hs ?

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I will send the owner a request for information on the headstamp.


PS- The headstamp for the cartridge in question is " 188 83 "

nice to see a LVE round with the correct headstamp