Odd bullet 8mm


I normally stick to the military side of 7.9mm Mauser but this one caught my eye. The bullet has a small lead tip and the body is a dark grey material (non-magnetic). Can anyone ID it for me? Is it a hunting round, some kind of special purpose round or what?

Just noticed its a little on the heavy side also - 423.4 grs. total wieght
.319" bullet (8x57J)


Phil - I don’t know the origin of this bullet. I have one sample of it, loaded in a Spanish case from F.N.P. dated 1948, so while we can’t say for certainty the bullets were made after that date, it is likely they were. My bullet appears to be seated out farther than the one in your cartridge, and shows what looks like a very thin ring of copper around the bullet. Trying to judge the position in relation to your picture, from the proportions of the round, the ring on mine would be, if the bullet was seated like yours, either right at the case mouth or slight below. it.

Your round looks like it might have the original primer. Mine has a copper primer cup, which is not common in Spanish 8mm rounds of the period of the headstamp on mine. As you know, they are usually brass cups.

I know this doesn’t help much, but thought I would at least let you know that another specimen of the same, or nearly identical bullet, is out there.

This may be the same circumstance as the 8mm Mauser rounds that are encountered loaded with a completely copper-jacketed or plated bullet of somewhat similar ogive to the one you pictured, although slightly more rounded at the ogive and tip. You probably know the ones I am talking about - usually found in German steel cases, often obviously from PP33 rounds. That is, they may be post-WWII American reloads and re-bulleted rounds made for hunting at a time when good hunting ammo for souvenir Mausers was hard to find. Purely conjecture, of course.


Thanks for the input. I just love this forum. I wish I had figuered out how
to use it a long time ago!!