Odd bullet in 7,92

I think this is a reload but can anyone tell me what make of bullet this is…thanks…paul.


What you have is a hunting bullet . ( Picture left )
These are often loaded after the war in military cases.


451kr…many thanks for that, just as I thought, so now the question has to be what bullet would be in it… s patrone?

The fact that the primer has no crimps is a fair indication that the bullet that is in it now belongs there; that is, that is was loaded at a factory as a sporting round on left-over military cases. There is no indication in the picture that it ever had primer crimps. While only measuring the base of the case would tell, in the photo, there is no hint of case base expansion right above the extractor groove and bevel. In your excellent photos, I see no reason to believe that this round is a reload.

The headfstamp indicates manufacture by DWM and that picture of a group of bullets appears, from the format, to be from a DWM catalog.

I would leave it as it. It is an unusually nice specimen.