Odd Chilean 7x57


I tried to get a clearer shot, but this is the best I could do. It is a 7x57 Mauser round with an FMG 19 CHILE ?? headstamp cancelled out with a series of ---------- around the headstamp. The round does not appear to be a reload although I can’t rule that out. Any ideas or explanations?




Teak, I’m not sure what your “^^^” means, but you must be able to see the cancelled headstamp. I have a series of photography lessons scheduled with Dave S. He does good work.
Any thoughts on the headstamp?


Jon - “^^^” = “BTT” = “Back to top” . . . a standard bit of “shorthand” in forum usage.

Where there had been no replies at that point, I made that post to move it to the top of the threads after editing your photo to make it more legible.

Sorry . . . I forget that many here, probably most, have not been active on forums of any type before.



I’ve always seen and used “Bump” or “BTT”.


And WHATEVER you do, don’t delete the picture(s) from Photobucket after you’ve posted them on this forum, lest you get an email from Teak. Trust me on this. And the “^^^” thing? I didn’t know that one either. Learned 2 things in one day. Thanks Teak.