Odd Headstamp .30-06


I have a .30-06 piece of brass that has strange case headstamp. It says “M L KING .30-06 SPRG”

I am looking for information on this. I do not know if it was a production run by a manufacturer or a custom thing. There is no manufacturer marking. There is not enough room for it.

The M L KING is all capitals and is of a different size and font as the .30-06 SPRG.


Wow - never heard of that one !! Any chance of a photo of the headstamp and profile of the round?


Do the letters in M L King appear to have been stamped individually, resulting in some of the letters being mis-aligned or deeper than others. If so, the cartridge case may have been one of the generic type that I believe Sears and other retailers sold at one time. These are marked with the caliber but no makers name. It would be easy to mark these any way you want if you have a set of small dies.


This is a typical instance where a photo of the headstamp and the cartridge are crucial. That is not always the case, but in my opinion, in this instance it is.


BINGO or as is being said these day “SPOT ON”. Is this the British version of “on the spot”?


Thanks for the replies. This is my first time on one of these things.

I’ll post a photo of the headstamp today when I get home from the office. I think it was a home job, but it looks professionally done.