Odd Plastic round

Just obtained an odd to me plastic round. Black plastic case raised headstamp Walmax Inc. Pat. pend. with a blue wadcutter shaped plastic bullet. Dimensions: case mouth .373" Base .369" Rim .431" case length .753. Bullet protrudes .45" Large (.210") primer pocket with flash hole completely through head with a small shelf to seat primer. Appears to be a pratice round using a primer to propel the bullet.

The Walmax company made indoor practice rounds like what you mention which were very similar to the more popular Speer version. Walmax’s version was called the “Tru-Blue”, and they also made 5-in-1 movie blanks. Here is a low quality photo of the tru-blue from online:

Walmax, of Glendale, California, also produced at least .38 Special blanks with a fairly normal “case” length and “bullet” length, one out of gold plastic with a white plastc head, and another with the cartridge entirely a milky-white transluscent plastic. They also made the short-case indoor practice load as picture, except with a grey-green case and a very dark-blue bullet.

Information from “Ot’s .38s,” by Otto Witt, Volume II. If any serious collector does not have this two volume set from Gig Publications (Lew Curtis) I would strongly suggest contacting Lew to see if it will remain in print now that Ot is goine from our ranks. It is an important work, and like most cartridge books for, basically, one caliber but showing all headstamps, there is a huge cross-over benefit of the information to other calibers. I, for one, have little collector interest in the .38 and .357 Revolver cartridges, but I would not be without this work in my library.

These (and other) plastic cases and bullets were discussed on a couple of threads less than a year ago. I even took a few out into my yard and shot a group with them.

Do some searching. Here’s one thread.



Matt, John and Ray thanks for the boost any idea the era of the company?

The tiny bit I had on them said the 1970s, Gourd. But, I don’t know how long they operated. I will try to find out.

The earliest mention I have found for the “Tru-Blue” and “Safti-Blanks” rounds is 1964 (including 5-in-1 in gold plastic). The patent applications for the blanks was apllied in 1962 and granted in 1964. It is interesting that Speer and Winchester-Western also offered their .38 Target rounds at about the same time.