Odd reverse stamping on Peters Paper Shotshells

I was going over a few old shotgun shells I have and noticed this reverse stamping or printing on the paper case.
I am not into shotgun shells much and it seem odd to me,and wanted to share.
I have little knowledge on the manufacturing of the older paper shotgun shells, but I will assume this is not unusual, but first time I noticed it .
Maybe some of our shotgun shell experts would like to educate the rest of us who are not.
Thank you, Dave

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I’ve got quite a few older paper shells from various manufacturers and it seems like this was the norm for a lot of them.

Maybe they were stamped after production and the cases did not have to go through the stamping machine the same way ? Just my guess. but interesting.

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Here are a couple of shot shell tubes. I think they were printed before the brass head was attached. It was probably a random process as to which end of the tube was attached to the head.


Paul is correct, the tubes were wound then printed & then cut to length, You will also find some in different distances / places in relation to the head or mouth.

Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. stamp or print the tube then load it.