Odd round...at least for me

Dear Sirs,

some months ago a friend gave me an odd round…it looks like a 308W round…it has an empty plastic body, a steel head, the false bullet has a hole on its front and a slanted cut…the center of the primer has a slight indent much like the indent left by a firing pin that hit by its own inertia…but I am not sure it’s a real primer because I’m not able to see even a single hole on the bottom of the case looking inside through the frontal hole…the round doesn’t have any markings.

some pics:

Could you explain me what’s it?

All the best

Hi Andrea,

please see this post:


I think it is the same with just the tip cut off.



thank you very much!

I think you are right…it looks like the little brother of the ctg depicted there!

Alll the best

Andrea, ne ho uno uguale e “intero”, quando ci vediamo da Silvio per una pizza te lo porto

Andrea, I have an identical and uncut round.