Odd steel pipe with a shotshell primer.What is it?

What is it? A joke or a special purpose cartridge?

There’s a standard fired shotshell primer placed at one end

Length : 56,54 mm
Outside diam : 15,42 mm
Inside diam : 7,95 mm

The pipe appears to have been roughly sawn off from a length and the primer set off by means of a nail. IMO It looks like, as far as I can see, something some bored kids decided to do.

I have no idea, could have been someone’s idea of having fun. Also, possible it could be a charger for a Gatling gun, etc. I have seen such things made up for firing blank cartridges in Gatlings (but they were rimmed, only one I have personally seen was for a .50-70 Gatling), and of course the early Gatlings used .58 chargers with musket nipples on one end. Also, possibly a crude way to shoot some sort of solid bullet in a shotgun, like an auxiliary chamber.

my 2 cents…slightly akin to EOD bomb disposal fixtures

(I have a bunch of really “cool” 12 Ga manf’d rounds that fired every thing from off ball projo’s to water)

both electric scrib fired and precussion primed


Mmmmhhh , I agree that is is of crude manifacture , obviously homemade