Oddball XM144 5.6 SPIW

I have a couple SPIW loads that I’m not sure of in terms of designation. I assume the red projectile one is a proof load, and that the dark case load is a dummy? The suspected dummy does have a primer though, but both of these have no headstamp. Also, the suspected proof load has a large primer for whatever that is worth. The one shown at right below is the typical loading for this type as far as I know:

Hi Matt
Your correct on both ID’s. The blackened primer is a tale-tell

Okay, so if proof has the red tipped bullet what is this with a tinned or nickelled case?

Will, the closest I have seen to that would be one of the aluminum-case loads of the .330 Aerojet type. There is a photo in an old thread here:

Hi Will
It looked tinned to my eye & unless the primer is blackened, I bet a proof. The other HPT is a ball loading & easy to paint red for ID. In this example no so easy. I’m away at the moment & don’t remember seeing a tinned case variation before. So VERY good item!

I agree with Pete. A super round. I’ve got a NUPE tinned XM144 and a fired tinned cased XM216, but have never seen the loaded flechette proof.


I should mention that the red projectile has an aluminum feel to it, it is not the same type of paper / cardboard sabot on the green ones.

Matt, the information I have is that the red bullet made of aluminum alloy is not a proof but a high velocity load, and is a variation of the ball loading, not the flechette. The tinned case round is a FAT179 proof.

the red tipped HPT has a GM jacketed bullet. a ball variation. The GM color can be seen below the red in your photo. Found in dummy also.