Odds and Ends, projectiles from SLICS

The little silver tube has a springloaded brass plunger in it. The 38spl is solid turned… There were several in various states, wish I had grabbed all of them. What’s the red thing ? It has shot in it.

projectiles (.510, .510, .35, .45, .45, 7.66, 7.62 4ea) - What’s story on the Belgium 50 on the left? I wonder what’s in the 45 caliber projectile with the primer?

Hi Jesse,

  • Cartridge for MSA Velocity-Power Stud Driver (small bore). Red = heavy load.
  • Cup for drawing a cartridge case.
  • .380 shot shell for Crosman Co2 shotgun. Red = 8 size shot.
  • Cap with Holder FFV 840, Sweden.
  • Cap-chur charge.
  • .44-40 for MGC replicas made in Japan.

The brass projectile on the 2nd picture is a French .50 cal. by GPA. Yours is the old variant with 8 grooves; the new one has 6 grooves to work better in the PGM Hécate II.