Off-topic Theft report

Last night 2 handguns were stolen from me.
Colt Series 80 MK IV Officer’s Model, matte blued with black rubber wrap-around grips, .45 ACP. Serial FA 08021

Ruger New Model Single-Six .22 Magnum Blued 4 1/2" barrel
Serial 261-47990 Chunk missing from grip.

The Colt was a present from my wife, when we got married.
Chances are slim either will ever be recovered but it makes me feel better trying. Anyway, I would appreciate anyone looking out for these if they are in the trade, frequent shows or shops.

I talked to Ron before I posted this but the Webgods may deem it inappropriate for this site… so print it out before they do (ha,ha).

Oh yeh, they also took 6 rds of .45 ACP, hdstmp Winchester 45 Auto, 230grFMJ and 6 rds of .45 ACP, hdstmp I *45 Auto 230gr FMJ (That should make this relevent)

Chief…Sorry to hear of your loss…I’m away out west in Wyoming, slim chance of helping to find the guns…but I sure hope you get them back…!!!..Randy Hedeen, EN2

Sorry to sound cynical, but you may probably see your guns on one of the New Jersey TV channels in a story of a usual shooting. The guns are probably travelling along route 95 north, and if you are lucky and the car is speeding, as usual, NJ state troopers will stop the car, and you may get your guns back. Sorry if I offended anyone in New Jersey, I am just telling the truth. I used to drive along 95 a lot and saw the usual scene too many times.

It really sucks that Moron’s like that exist. Hard working folks getting their items stolen [no matter what type of item] is BS.