OFV (India) 7.62 x 51

I have a OFV 7.62 x 51, Ball, M80 load. The headstamp is:
“OFV 7.62 M80 6L” What does the “6L” mean? What other designators like this are found on OFV rounds?

Um…could it be a “79”?

Jon C–That is what I thought at first. I was reading the headstamp with “OFV” at 11, “79” at 1, “7.62” at 7 and “M80” at 5. But the “7” looked a little strange. However, when I turned the cartridge so “OFV” was at 12 and then “7.62 M80 6L” read from 9 to 3 in one line, it is VERY clear that the “7” is an “L”

I have an identical round as yours. I have it labeled as OFV 79 M80 7.62. On other 7.62x51 rounds from OFV that I have seen the date is in the 3 o

Does anyone have a dated box to prove that it is a “79”? I still say it clearly looks like a “6L” when you position it to view the “6L” is at 6 o’clock. If it is in fact a “79” then the “7” is a wider number than the “9” and at a different angle.

I can’t see that being anything other than a “79.” Aside from the fact that if it is “6L” it would be different than any other observed OFV military round in not having a date - not impossible but unlikely in my view - if the “7” is in truth an “L” it is just as poorly formed as a letter as it would be if it is a “7.” The lower portion of the “L” is not at a completely right angle to the vertical portion of the “letter.” Further, the “6” in “7.62” is quite different in form from what I believe firmly is the “9” in 79. Also, it would then have two cartridge designations, M80 and “6L.” Also, the “7” in “7.62” looks the same, very much like an “L” but with the horizontal line of the “L” pointing slightly upward - not a true right angle with the vertical portion of the “letter.” Bunters with poorly formed entries are not totally unknown!

Just my opinion.

OK, unless someone else comes up with a meaning for “6L”, I’m going to change my catalog entry to say it is “79”, based on the weight of what everybody has said. But, I still think it looks more like an “L” than it does a “7”.

I also would go for the “79” after looking at that box below. Seems the Indians are no head stamp perfectionists or rework their dies till nothing goes.

But the round are al over the world. here is a 74.