Oh boy! Another one I've been hunting has been found

I’m a big fan of the mighty 7.62 Russian & love just about anything Swedish so when I read Sweden produced some 7.62 Russian I had to find some. Its probably not a big deal, just being ball ammo but I love it! Headstamp: CG 95

I just wanted to share in finding one of my jewels! Good evening everyone.


What is “CG”? IAA reference says it is German.

Hi Vlad,

“CG” with a 1995 date is Bofors Carl Gustaf AB Vanäsverken, Karlsborg, Sweden.




Fede is absolutely correct in his identification, but it should be noted that the IAA reference is not wrong. The problem with headstamp ID is that more than one factory may have used the same designator, although in this case, the Swedish use are simply the initials of the factory, and in the German instance, it was a letter-code identifying the factory. The German factory using this code “cg”, expressed always in lower-case letters was Finower Industrie G.m.b.H. In the case of the German cartrdige codes, they apply only to the manufacturer of the case. While that CAN BE the same as the loading factory, that is not always true.

On products of Bofors Carl Gustaf AB Vanäsverken, of Karlsborg, Sweden, that I have seen, it is alway expressed in capitol letters, in this instance “CG.”

John Moss


John is being polite. The IAA headstamp list was put together in the mid to late 1990s, Since about 2000, no body has taken on the task of updating it. We should give a free eJournal membership to somebody who takes over the headstamp list and updates it.

The reason that CG is not shown as Bofers is that it was a new headstamp when the list was created. I know that I did not see it until after the last update of the list.

If you are interested in getting involved contact one of the IAA officers.


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Does anyone have a handle on how scarce these are in the US? There doesn’t seem to be much info on them outside of Christian’s site & I haven’t seen an US collectors speak of them.

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Can’t answer for the US, but these are relatively scarce everywhere. Keep in mind these were produced for a very short time and only meant for the PKTs mounted in former East German MT-LBs bought by Sweden. The PKT was assigned the model name Ksp 95 in Swedish use (Ksp as you know is “Kulspruta” - bullet hose/bullet sprayer).

I have a tracer round and a “bore cleaner” round in my collection, both are CG 96.


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A bore cleaning round? Haven’t heard of that one.

I would love to find a tracer in one of these, along with the AP! Post those you have when you can please Ole, thank you.

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Is this “list” in a format, somewhere, where it can actually BE accessed?

This is what the tracer looks like…

And the insides…


As you wish :)

What I was told by Chris is that the “bore cleaner” was used to clean the barrel of testing/proofing weapons between rounds/periods of use. I guess it simply drove out the remains of soot/carbon, powder remains copper fouling and eventual tracer compound material.
Highly magnetic with some kind of surface finish that is flaking off.


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very nice rounds

i don’t kno thaty sweden make this caliber “until now”
i talk about the “cg” rounds (not the norma ones)

i would know if the “ball” and tracer can be find easily in europe ?

Link is http://cartridgecollectors.org/?page=headstampcodes

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Thanks! Not sure how I missed that…

Excellent work Paul, thank you.

Thank you also Ole, the bore cleaner looks interesting.