Ohio Cartridge Collectors show March 5-6


Is anyone going to the Ohio Cartridge Collectors show in Mansfield, Ohio next weekend?
I will be there. (you can find me by finding the youngest guy in the room. I’m 24.)

It is Friday 12 Noon to 7 PM (I was looking around 'till 9 PM last fall!)
and Saturday 8 AM to 12 Noon.

Bring me some less-common size pinfire cartridges and rimfire cartridges!


Comfort Inn North, Mansfield, OH. Corner of US Hwy 30 and Trimble Rd. Accessible from I-71, northern Ohio. No Sunday hours.

Note that this will be the last show at this site. Hotel being remodeled, our show space is already at the bare minimum size that can sustain a show, so remodelling will cut the usable space to 1/2 of what we need. It WILL BE MOVED for the October show. We’re trying to keep the same weekend as published, but we don’t have that guaranteed yet, it will depend on what we can find for a new host hotel.

We have a room block set aside, so if you want to get the discount rate for March, mention the show, but the rooms may be gone by now. (Hotel is usually booked due to all sorts of area events).

More info on the new site/date (if applicable) as soon as we get it locked down.



You should move it to Canton! Many great hotels here! I know the manager of one. It is closer to Cleveland and PA that way too!


problem isn’t finding hotels. it’s finding hotels with at least 2500 sq feet of continuous conference room (ball room) floor space. Hotels don’t do conf rooms anymore, unless they are a conference center. Wasted space. they can get a half dozen hotel rooms out of the same space and take in 2x-3x more money.