Ohio-Cartridge-Show and Bombatorium Sidetrip

So as not to hijack the other thread, here are my finds at the Ohio Cartridge Show, which was, as usual, well worth my time. Thanks Aaron!!!

I was also cordially invited by USSubs to visit the Bombatorium. I enjoyed a pleasant stay, touring his, you can only call it this, facility. As those of who have seen it, it is an awesome (in all of the meaning of that word) collection. I hope to visit it again in the future. It was well worth the drive and side trip. My thanks go to Him and his Wife for putting me up. And to PUCA and Zuni ;-). No, I didn’t take pictures since they are widely known. EOD, Iforgot to give him the hug…

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Excellent finds!
And do not forget to give him a hug. :-)

EOD, yeah, like I said, I forgot ;-). PUCA and Zuni were vying for my attention on that front :-).

Just reminding you for the visit then.
Guess you will be very busy there!

EOD, I’m back home now, got back last night. I’ll try to remember at SLICS ;-).

Can you please add more information about 7,62x39
bottom line? Type, headstamp.
Thank you very much

I’m late to the dance…but since I chase color codes…I’m guessing a few of the lower row 7.62x39 are “after-market” coloring

Here are re-takes of the pictures with the info that was written on them when I purchased them. For the headstamps they are in order that the flat pictures are, ie. top row is top row, bottom is bottom. The only ones I know for certain are the API’s, Tracers and AP’s. As far as the blue green, the Winchester, and the red blue, no clue. The Incendiary Tracer (third from left bottom) is fascinating. The top #8 and bottom #9 I’m leaning to AP and not API just because of the construction. I bought them all because they were pretty ;-). Got them at the table right across from Aaron’s. Cheers, Bruce.

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perfect pictures and information. Thank you again.


Any comments or information is welcome. Thanks, Bruce.

I’ve missed it. What’s a bombatorium?

Theron, it’s more like “The” Bombatorium. It is one of the best private ordnance collections both general and specific in the country, and the best that I have ever seen, either public or private. It is owned by USSubs, who frequently posts here. Cheers, Bruce.

Where is it?

Theron, I am not at liberty to say. Sorry.

As it is no secret, it is about the collection/museum of the user “US Subs”.

I am sure he will comment here soon.

Lots about is here:

Sorry it sounded as if it were a secret, I’m just respecting his privacy. And now that SLICS isn’t happening, I can’t give him that hug :-(.

Dang! :-)

For an in-depth introduction to the bombatorium here is an extensive thread with loads of photos (you must be a member of BOCN to see the photos):


Sorry, been sorting bullets and that sucks up a lot of time - see other thread for latest.
Yes, that’s me. Not much to add other than we are located in central Michigan, and we do take contributions of grandad’s old stuff that you don’t know what to do with!