Ohio Cartridge Show Oct 2 - 3, 2020

How big is this show? Is there room trading like at SLICS? Anything around of importance to see? Any advice or info about it will be appreciated. If I do attend, I’ll bring my free ammo boxes (which were supposed to travel to SLICS and Williamsport but virus stopped them).

Very small show, but I’ve found nice stuff there. Good crowd, a little of everything. No room trading that I know of. I know of 2-3 of us in MI that are hoping to make it.


It’s typically between 30-40 tables. There are people who are at other shows such as PA and SLICS, but also some locals who only go to this show.

If you go, you should give Pat Burns a call to bring some specific stuff you would probably like.


Does Marriott of North Canton give a special discount to the ammo show attendees? Or any other special perk?
Reminder for people 62 years old and more: insert a discount code “S9R” and you’ll get 15% off your bill.