Ohio Cartridge Show - October 2014

Fred Butt and I have been advised, this week, by our hotel venue, that they are CANCELLING our October cartridge show. The conference room it is held in has a roof problem resulting in leaks. They have closed that room and cancelled all events scheduled for that room. Consequently, we’re forced to CANCEL the October 2014 Ohio Cartridge Collectors Show.

We are searching for a new venue for the 2015 show schedule and will let everyone know what we find out.

A notice will come out in the IAA Journal, but the next publication date results in delivery in late September, which is just before the show and many may not get their issue in time, or see the cancellation notice. So if you know of anyone that attends or is considering attending, please let them know the status.

Updates will be communicated when we have further info and it will appear in the IAA Journal and here on the forum.

Sorry for the disappointment, but it is out of our control.

Sorry to hear, hope you get back on track soon.
Remind Fred to remind me at the Morgantown show in August, and we can make an announcement.

The Akron/Summit or Medina Convention and Visitors Bureau might be able to find alternate locations willing to work with you.

The old location was not all that nice anyway, so you might be better off finding a new one permanently.

To remain on the interstate, there are no hotels from Clevleand to Columbus that have suitable facilities. That’s been reviewed several times and why we ended up back at that particular hotel in Medina this last time.

We’ll have to move towards Akron area, but that will take us off the interstate.

Interstate access is an important requirement to some of the tableholders, due to the significant amount of time they have to spend on the road to get to Ohio.

The other major factor is cost. Cleveland/Akron/Columbus/Etc area hotels want 3x more for the conference room than what we’ve had in the past, with hotel rooms running 2-3x more expensive. Both of these have been cited, in the past, as concerns by the tableholders.

We are reviewing options and will advise everyone what we find.

Hi Guys, Cleveland Has Lots Of Places. I’m Hoping

Keith, I feel your pain. It is tough to run a cartridge show on the limited budgets we have. I agree about the hotels, too. We have always had our show in a hotel, as it is the most-convenient venue for all the show attendees, and it must be easy to get to. All that at a price we can afford is always the big nut to crack.
Best wishes!

To add: We are now back at the 2nd hotel we used, after going through two others. The first (and 4th!) was just too small, and the 3rd is now a parking lot. I hope we can stay where we are for a good many years to come.