Ohio Cartridge Show

A small show, but lots of fun. CartGuy and I visited another collector on the way there to find some larger stuff, then stayed over at the show hotel to hit the show first thing Friday morning. Did well and had a good time before heading back north. Most of the materials shown 30mm and below came from the show, all larger but the 105 HEP were from our other stop.



Seems US shows are yielding great stuff!

Are these 20mm?

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Are there any markings on the .303 Vickers link?

With all that COOL stuff, I have to ask…

What is next to the three .500 Phantom rounds?


Great items there. What is Pea Ammunition? We used to call .22 rimfires pea rifles?
Nice French pneumatic mortar. Mine is painted yellow/buff and not red/orange.
I do not find items like these in Australia and certainly cannot import them Ron.


Not sure, no headstamp. Projectile is 15.29mm (.597) D, case is 42.26 L with an 18.8mm rim. No doubt extremely rare and valuable.

No markings on the link.

I also have a spud gun, which is jabbed into a potato and uses the potato barrel blockage as a projectile.
All ammunition is beautiful…
Well, then there are shotgun shells.

Does anyone recognize the 37mm case, photo 0465? I’m not much of a case guy, picked it up because of the unusual deeply dished-in base.

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I was particularly pleased to get the ordnance in photo 0471. The American Armament Corp mortars are always nice to find. The M64 75mm WP is also difficult, and the 90mm high capacity WP is the first I’ve seen.

Here are some more pictures from it!



Some ID questions on items in your photos:

First is image 0452-

What are the lengths for these 20mm projectiles?
Do you have any information on these as far used in what system, country, experimental???

From image 0462-

From IMG 0462
What is the case to the right of the .30-40 Krag full case blank?

From image 0464-

IMG_0464 37mm
Is this a 37 X 219mmSR Vigilante projectile?

From image 0467-

Would you please identify both items shown?

Thanks for your help and the great photos!


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Great photos thanks for sharing.

In the last photo is your daughter:

  1. Conducting flight tests for a new non-lethal stealth dart R&D program?

  2. Just having fun?


Looks like a .58 Musket

I can answer a few of you questions in part, the remainder will have to wait until the end of the work week - if that happens.

  1. None of the items have been photographed or measured yet. No idea what the lengths of the 20mm are, the belief is that they are experimental US but no information came with the projos.
  2. Don’t know, I pulled it out of a bin sale because it looked cool. I’ll check on HS/measurements later.
  3. Correct, Vigilante.
  4. French 50mm pneumatic mortar (practice red) and US 3pr with multi-piece case.
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Thank you,


The two 20 mm projectiles on the left were reportedly made by FA for high velocity tests and you can find them loaded in elongated two-piece cases. The latter were also made in .60 caliber, but I have never seen the projectiles and there is no documentation about their purpose (see HWS Vol. 3 p. 559).


A discussion on BOCN concerning the FA 20mm projectiles:


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What is the case length of this one?