OHSA Reg threaten to cripple ammo makers, and sellers

Follow the link below and take action NOW to extend the public comment period on proposed OHSA regulations which will essentially shut down much of the ammo industry, distribution network and retailers AND CARTRIDGE SHOWS!!!

Goverment bureaucrats at work- Gotta work hard to stop their silliness, perhaps well intentioned from safety concerns, but perhaps with other motivations. In any case totally unnecessary and the benefits are not worth the costs.

I’ve been reading alot about this today and have found a vast variety of opinions and explanations about this. Some say that this is pure BS, some say it is simply OSHA getting in step with DOT regs that have been in effect for years, some say OSHA is overstepping their mandate and nothing will become of it. From past experience in the oc-safety field, there have been plenty of OSHA initiatives that ended up going nowhere. I say that this is too big and too radical of a move and if enything becomes of it, it will be very watered down. Seriously, frisking customers for matches and lighters before coming within 50 feet of live ammunition? Please!


After reading the gist of the proposed regulation, it would seem a meteorite shield would be the next requirement.

Will write / fax. Thanks for the heads-up, John.

I, too, was told not to worry, the regs simply bring OSHA up to speed with DOT. But, to satisfy my curiosity I read the proposal for myself. I am no longer worried. I am scared! There are things in there that defy logic. AKMS is probably correct. It will probably be watered down because it is so extreme as written. But if not . . .

Send in those comments folks. JMHO


The NRA-ILA has finally posted a warning about this on their web site.
This is very serious!
If these proposed workplace rules are enacted as they are now written, kiss ammo sales and reloading good by, period!
Time to write your congress critters!

I have not read anything so stupid in a long, long time. I really have lost all hope for society. After reading about 2 paragraphs of the PDF document I gave up as it was jus nonsensical.

This subject was on the Rush Limbaugh show. It has hit the fan big time.