Oil cans dates

Please can someone help with dates for these please???

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No head stamp???

Sorry sportclay, this is just gun related… I can’t find what year these oil tins are from. Lots for sale but no time period!!! Can anyone tell me why you would use the dead black to black out your rear sight???

Removing glare from otherwise smooth/flat metal.
Most modern gun sights usually have horizontal ridges/serrations to break up light and prevent glaring. Many older firearms had smooth/flat sights which in direct backlit (sun- or artificial light) conditions could glare up and make it harder to center the post/front sight in the rear notch.

The “blackness” of the sights also make them appear much sharper and solid, than regular blued/stainless/unfinished sights that might appear more “soft shape” in light (i.e. they bleed out in the light).


Thank you Ole.

Freeland shooters supply used to make sight blacking lamps for target shooters. Small oil/kerosene lamps that could be carried in the shooters box. Birchwood Casey I believe still makes sight black. The outers gun oil was made with this label from the 50’s to the early 80’s. I have a can of Rangoon oil almost identical to yours that is original to the cased Cogswell & Harrison shotgun I own it was made in 1908. The BSA Kleenwell is also from the early 1900’s and I believe right up until WW2. Often found with BSA air guns.

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