OJP Match Ammunition

Two months ago I asked for a translation of the box label shown below. At the time I didn’t have the box or a photo. I’ve since bought it. The cartridges are headstamped OJP III 59. The bullets are 150 grain GMCS, powder charge is 54 grains of a flake powder.

John Moss was kind enough to translate the label as:

“OJP” . . . is the Austrian firm of Oesterreich Jagd Patronenfabrik . . .or "Austrian Sport (Hunting) ammunition factory. . .30-06 and not 7.62 NATO, and the GM1 stands for the Garand Rifle (Gewehr M1).

So, what can anyone tell me about the over-stamp indicating Match Ammunition? Original loads? For what matches?


What do the " III" mark mean?

My 30/06 case from OJP is headstamped " OJP … 58" . Have the dots any special meaning just like the dots on Israelian ammo?

I’m not seeing anything that indicates that this is “match” ammunition. I suspect that the overstamp indicating “target” ammunition is somehow related to it’s importability since it is FMJ “military” ball. All of these OJP boxes I have seen did not have the overstamp…


Hi Ray, the red ink stamp was added by Interarms when it was imported in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. It contains original loads.

Pivi, those dots and Roman numerals indicates the production trimester.

Thanks all.

Since I collect U.S. Match, I tend to see the word “Match” in anything even remotely related. Such as “Target”.

I don’t ordinarily collect things like this but the price was too good to pass up.


Hi Ray,

here is my Interarms box together with original austrian box which was inside.
The austrian box is grey but yours seems to be brown. Is that correct or is the color in the picture off.
There is no stamp on the austrian box but in this case it is on the back of the Interarms box.
The Ammo is also headstamped: ÖJP III 59
The story about the dots ( from one to four) or roman numerals (I, II, III IV) is correct. It stands for the trimester of the year.
They started with dots and switched to numerals. At least that is what I see from specimens in my collection



Thanks for that additional information on that box. Maybe it is collectable after all?

It is not as brown as it appears in the photo. More of a dark brownish gray. Like it may have been tan or buff colored at one time but has darkened over the years from handling. The label is definitely a yellow color.