"OL-PP" hs on PPU cases


Is there any news on the “OL-PP” hs as it was used by PPU on 5.56x45 and 9x19?

The subject was discussed before but to no avail:


Alex - It might be helpful if Lew can tell us the source of the photo. If not the actual person, at least the country he is in, and where that person got it, if that is known. All that information is useful in starting the “detective” process of identifying a headstamp. Knowing the source of a cartridge or case, meaning where it was found, can start the process of guessing about what it can be, and that helps to find information that can confirm or deny the guesses. Plenty of unknown headstamps have been identified that way, and I mean eventually positively identified.


John, of course I do not know where Lew’s image came from (if I remember correctly it was posted on AFTE).

But independent from this I know this hs also from Serbia in 9x19 (draw stages or production scrap) and also 5.56x45.


I am still looking for a sample of this headstamp, even from an unfinished case. I got the photo from a collector, or policeman or a somebody in Croatia (or using a Croatian email suffix) who found me from my website. He sent me quite a few headstamp images including this one for comment. His English was almost nonexistent. He never answered my followup emails.

Doubt that helps very much!

I am satisfied it is a PPU case/load but still have no idea of the “OL”



I can’t help with the identification of this headstamp, but I can add that it is also reported in 7.62x51 with a 1994 date.


Thanks Fede, good to have this data!