Old 308W brass

These two boxes of 308W brass were used to make pre 243W 6mm-308 cases.

Can anyone tell me which is older?



I have tentatively dated them between 1953 and 1955.


That date range seems ok to me for the upper box; the lower one seems less familiar to me but it could certainly be from the same era. JG

Amazing, isn’t it…the way they changed the labeling with respect to text size and style, etc., within just a few years. “DIVISION OF OLIN INDUSTRIES” was used from 1946 until 1954, so for the 308 W, I’d say 1952, 53, 54 would be correct…Randy

I find the use of the term “Shells” to be interesting. I allways assumed this word to be slang or a colloquial term…


We cartridge historians of today like to be absolutely correct and call them “cartridge cases”…but back in the day…the ammunition companies all called them shells…over and over again…“The empty shells can be reloaded many times”…“The empty shells should never be reloaded”…etc., etc. And they called them the same in their catalogs…“Primed Empty Shells, $$$ per Thousand”…Randy