Old 38 S&W - Any Ideas?


I picked this up out of a cigar box of old cartridges in a hardware store in Laramie Wyoming in about 1963. I recently ran across it in a box of stuff I have had stuck away for a long time. I always figured it was something a bored cowboy carved and shaped, but it is so well done and symmetric that I have wondered about it’s origin.

Perhaps this is the ultra-rare UMC Cokebottle bullet round—or not!

Has anyone seen something similar?




Really no idea but…Perhaps used as a game piece (chess set pawn) or game board marker?



Interesting idea. I can see a cowboy about the turn of the century carving his chess set from the ammo in his belt loops. It would also give him a place to carry them!




Reminds me of the guy selling a beautiful trophy mount of a deer. It came with five different stories you could tell about it. All true, of course.


John, I think you nailed it!