Old .380 Ammo Questions


I recently aquired a handful of old WRA .380 ammo and am curious about a few things. There are 2 different headstamps. Some are marked WRA Co. .380 C. A. and the others are marked WRA Co. .380 C.A.P.H. with a W stamped primer. My questions are: When did they make the change from C.A. to ACP.?, What does the P.H. stand for?, and what is the approximate value of these cartridges? I`m kind of new to cartridge collecting so any info is greatly appreciated.


C.A.P.H. stands for “Colt Automatic Pistol Hammerless”. Sorry I can’t answer any more of your questions. There are some more topics with information relating to the “C.A.P.H.” marking further down the list.


M. Rea


According to Dan Shuey’s W.R.A.Co. (Volume I), the CAPH headstamp was in use from 1909 to 1928 while the CA headstamp came into use in 1929. Neither of these is of any great value, perhaps $1 each for a pristine example to someone impatient to acquire an example, free to $0.25 from a typical “goodie box.”