Old 45-70 Gov Shell

Found this shell on old wagon trail. Do I have the ID right? It was a 45-70 Rifle shell. Made by Frankford arsenal in sept 1881, for the government. 405 grain, copper Bennet shell.

That’s a nice find. I don’t see the case indents for securing the primer - maybe just how the ctg is turned? And that is one heavy striker mark!

Here’s what it would have looked like when new.

Yes the caseings do have the crimp. I found 2 of them same dates on both. I found them at this web sight. https://oldammo.com/november04.htm I believe they are #6 on his list. Thanks for the pics, so cool…

Lee: The hammer fall is heavy, but much of the ‘pucker’ you see here was produced by the 20,000 lb. or so of pressure against the soft copper case, forcing that copper into the firing pin hole in the breechblock. Jack