Old .45 rounds worth anything?

Does anyone have any history/age on these rounds, or know an approximate value ? Are they collectors Items ? If not, are they safe to shoot ?

Old .45 Rounds

The red tipped rounds are tracer. The headstamp with FA matches the box shown for Frankfort Arsenal. Can’t read the date but that will be the year made. Looks like 1982 but box looks older. Don’t look like they have been stored to well and tracer compound may be dead.

The REM-UMC headstamp is Remington Arms, 1950’s I think. These too are tracer but don’t match the others.

The other box is standard Ball ammo made by Twin Cities Arsenal and it looks like a date of 1952. Again, fuzzy pic so whatever the number, the date made.

If I’m wrong, it won’t be long before you know!

FA Tracer rounds are “52”.

In my opinion the tracer rounds will bring around $1 or so each.

The ball rounds are probably corrosive and should NOT be shot unless someone is well versed in the damage that corrosive priming can do, and knows how to clean their gun promptly and properly. Therefore maybe 10-15 cents a round if someone has a “blaster” Thompson they don’t mind feeding with corrosive, or something like that. Little collector interest at any price.

The empty Tracer box may be worth a few dollars ($3-5?) as an item to wrap up for display.

If you can get $15-20 for the lot, take it!

Sorry they are not great treasures.