Old 475E

cogswel&harrison 475E any info?

dcone. You give next to no information like case length, full headstamp etc.
475E on a British Nitro cartridge usually means a .475 bore made by Eley.
Supplied for C&H if so marked on the base. I have a .475 No2x 31/2" cartridge head stamped “Cordite Express” 475E. Maybe this is similar to your item?

Headstamp shown in George Hoyem’s ‘History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition’ Vol.3, P72 under the entry for .475-3 1/4 Nitro Express.
Measure the case length to confirm, it should be 3.25”.

I have an inert example with case length: 3-1/2".
Headstamp: Kynoch 475 No2 Nitro

Could take a photograph if needed?

I agree. The cartridge is the .475x3 1/4" Nitro. I did not consult Hoyem but the exact photo is there.Even Hoyem is not perfect. Page 70 shows the .476 as a 3 1/4"case instead of 3".
All .475 No2 are 3 1/2" cases.

I just checked Bill Fleming’s British book and note that the Cogswell & Harrison 475E headstamp can be found on both the 3 1/4" and the 3 1/2" No2 Nitro.
Two different cartridges with the same headstamp.Wish I had the No2 example.