Old AAI Ferret ads for police

Along the same lines as the Simunition ads I just posted, here are a couple for the Ferret non-lethal 12ga rds:


My kind of “stuff” (both the ammo and the tear gas paper work)

wonder if the Forum users think an advertising section…where we could post the images of advertising (question is if we want to limit comments about them…but that would then limit folks adding related images to the appropriate thread)

I have “lots”…and assuming I can post scans…I am game

Could be a “cool” reference section eh ?


I found these a while ago at the range, I wondered what they were. Thanks for posting this.

I have lots of old and current ads for ammo I could post. I have a few hundred old magazines which buy in lots in hopes of getting pertinent articles, and 99% of them are nothing useful to me except for these interesting ads.

Psg-1, handle them carefully, they may still have tear gas in them. Setting one off wouldn’t be pleasant.

Hehe, yes, I did wonder what was that liquid inside, I’m glad I didn’t cut one open.

If possible, it is probably safest to store them outside in a building such as a shed or garage.