Old Ammo and gun advertising on line


The Buffalo Bill Hisotrical Center at Cody, WY has many items from their McCracken Research Library available on line in digital format.

It looks like they are arranged in alphabetical order, with about 1,200 items included, listed with 20 per page of thumbnails. This is in the “Guns of Record” collection.


Lots of old powder and ammunition ads along with guns.


If you want to save the full size copy of any of the images do the following:

  1. Find the image you would like to have a copy of.

  2. Note the following number on your image you want:

  3. Paste the following in your web browser (without the quotation marks):

  4. Replace the asterisks ****** in that link you pasted with the number you noted from the image and load that page.

  5. Right click on the image and click “Save As” (or something like that, depending on your browser) and name the image what you want it to be named and click Save.


Thanks for that info Aaron. Previously, whenever I would run into image viewers like that online (which is very seldom) I would actually use the print screen function multiple times over the whole image, cutting & pasting the pieces together into a full-size high quality image. Very time consuming, I think I’ve only seen some newspaper archives that use that type of viewer.