Old ammo and gun blow-ups

On the Starline website they have linked an article by noted reloader / gun-writer Bob Shell. Bob goes into detail about all of the many reasons for gun blow-ups, which are often do to a few conditions of old ammo. He lists several of the common wrong-caliber scenarios such as loading 7.92 into a 30-06, etc… His mention of the old practice of U.S. military ammo having tin-coated bullets prior to 1920 and how this caused a reaction which could cold-solder the bullet to the case, thus affecting pressure, was news to me. There is a link to part-II to the article at the bottom of the page:


I believe the use of tin coating in U.S. military small arms ammo was limited to the 1921 national match .30 06 loading. It was something of a problem when shooters greased the necks of the cases to prevent metal fouling, as the grease made it more difficult for the neck to expand and release the cold soldered bullet from its grip on the brass case. The likelihood anyone has the 1921 match load in shooting quantities 98 years later is pretty remote. Jack

A main reason for gun blow ups IS bob shell . His "articles " are full of miss-information . In one article he blew up two rolling blocks with massive overloads , and had no idea what happened .

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